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Tree seeds categories

 Fabrice Feyton   June 5, 2020   260

Seed storage is the preservation of viable seed until the time of sowing. This activity is important and essential to offset the uncertainty of seed production/ availability during bad seed years. Tree seed can be class…

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Common use of trees

 Fabrice Feyton   May 10, 2020   2140

Forests have many values, ranging from biological, recreational, aesthetic, and economic. Managing a forests really boils down to value prioritization and determining how to maximize some without seriously degrading oth…

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Tree seed storage guidelines

 Fabrice Feyton   May 10, 2020   135

Seed quality ensured during seed collection needs to be maintained by proper seed processing, handling, and achieved with proper storage. this can be achieved through sorting, extraction, cleaning, grading, drying and s…

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Entandrophragma excelsum

 Fabrice Feyton   May 1, 2020   224

Common names: Kinyarwanda: “Umuyove”, English: “African mahogany” and Kiswahili: “Myovu”. Entandrophragma excelsum is a deciduous tree which grows up to a height ranging 30 to 50 meters high. The tree have a clear bole …

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Alnus acuminata

 Fabrice Feyton   April 14, 2020   217

Popularly known for highest amount of seeds per kilograms estimated to 1,400,000- 2,000,000 seeds/kg, Alnus acuminata is a fast growing pioneer species that regenerates naturally in open, disturbed areas.

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